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Your Questions


  • Q. Do you provide meals for my dog?
    A. We strongly recommend that your dog remains on their own regular diet while staying with us. Dogs that have an abrupt change in food quality or brand tend to have stomach discomfort and diarrhea. If you are unable to provide your dog’s food, we offer a feeding service for $5/meal.
  • Q: What vaccinations does my dog need?
    * Rabies * Distemper or Distemper combo shots such as DHPP or DHLPP * Bordetella (kennel cough) * Must have flea & tick prevention.
  • Q. Can I take a tour?
    A. We’d love to show you around! Please call us to schedule a time to tour our facility.
  • Q. What is the first step for my dog coming to Happy Hounds?
    A. For everyone’s safety, all dogs must pass a temperament test and must continue to exhibit appropriate behavior during subsequent visits. Please call 405-435-9894 to make a temperament test appointment. For your appointment, you will bring in your dog’s vaccination record, a filled out Dog Application , and your dog! We will discuss the answers on your Dog Application, meet your dog, and then take your dog to do an evaluation. Expect to be at Happy Hounds about 30 minutes.
  • Q. What is dog daycare?
    A. Dog daycare is a safe and controlled environment for friendly dogs to socialize and play during the day. We have 13,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor dog play area and a friendly staff full of dog lovers. Dogs are divided in groups of similar size and temperament with Dog Handlers ensuring safety and providing enrichment activities for each group.
  • Q. Are there any breeds that are not accepted?
    A. Yes, we do have breed restrictions. Please contact our office to discuss your specific dog.
  • Q. Can Happy Hounds administer medicine?
    A. We are happy to administer oral and topical medications for your pup at no additional cost. However, we are unable to administer any injection or rectal medications. We cannot accept dogs that require medications for survival. If your dog is on a life or death medication, the safest place for them to stay is with a veterinary medical professional.
  • Q: Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered?
    A: Dogs over 1 year old must be spayed or neutered. If younger male dogs are showing testosterone fueled behaviors, we will invite them to return to Happy Hounds after they have been fixed. (There are exceptions made for XL breed dogs where the veterinarian is recommending spaying/neutering closer to 2 years old. Please contact us to discuss an individual dog’s circumstances.) If you have a female under 1 year old that is not spayed, we cannot allow her to be in the facility when she is in heat. If she comes into heat while with us, we will contact the owner and require someone pick her up.
  • Q: What age do you accept?
    A: Any age once they’ve been fully vaccinated. This is normally around 4 months. We do not allow dogs with injuries, medical conditions that are aggravated by stress and exercise, or terminal illness.
  • Q. What should I bring for boarding?
    A. Enough of their regular food for each day- we encourage and prefer each meal to be individually portioned in ziplock/Tupperware type of container. Each room has a bed and blanket, but you are welcome to bring additional bedding to make your dog more comfortable.
  • Q. What happens if my dog needs medical attention?
    A. Our staff is trained and prepared to handle injury and medical situations. If your dog needs emergency medical attention, we will rush them to the nearest pet hospital (Blue Pearl Animal Hospital). Happy Hounds is not financially responsible for any injuries or medical conditions that occur at our facility.
  • Q. How does your dog drive-thru work?
    A. Our dog drive-thru is for existing daycare customers only. You must have a credit card on file or have purchased a daycare package to use the drive-thru. All dogs must have a leash already on them. Please stay in your vehicle, an employee will come to you to gather your dog and take them inside. When picking up your dog, pull into the drive-thru and stay in your vehicle. An employee will come out to get your dogs name, then bring them out once they get pulled from daycare and have their leash on. For boarders, please park and bring your dog and their belongings inside the lobby.

If you have other questions that are not answered here - please contact us!

Call: 405.435.9894

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